Dr. David B. Harrell, Ph.D.

Dr. David B. Harrell, Ph.D.

FRIPH Director of Research

David B Harrell, Ph.D. is a scientific leader recognized nationally and internationally as an expert in neuroscience, regenerative medicine, stem cells, and translational research.

Dr. Harrell has earned more than 150 Grand Round presentations (international and national) from prestigious medical and academic organizations including Harvard University, Hospital for Special Surgery, Hospital for Joint Diseases, Washington University, Duke University, University of Washington, Cornell, UCLA, University of Munich and Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.
He has also presented more than 20 Keynote Speaker presentations at major scientific and medical conferences worldwide.

A peer reviewer and editorial board member for13 professional journals, Dr. Harrell has completed post-doctoral professional studies and training at Harvard, Yale and the University of Rochester.
He began his career in biomedical technological and translational research in regenerative medicine, bone marrow and stem cell biology, molecular and behavioral investigations of sleep problems in patients with autism spectrum disorders, infectious disease agents and the autonomic nervous system.

Dr. Harrell is experienced in senior and executive management, while taking an active role in both research and corporate development objectives. He is known as a pioneer in translational research for applied clinical research and technology research. focuses heavily on translational research.
Dr. Harrell is the owner and chief consultant of Harrell BioScience Consulting, and Associate Professor of Regenerative Medicine at UCF College of Medicine, and a faculty member for Global Stem Cells Training, Inc.